Frequently Asked Questions #2

Solve your doubts with this directory of frequently asked questions about the project, if you have any questions please let us know.


1. Is the game playable on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Farming Tales using your phone's browser.

2. Does Farming Tales have a standalone app for Mobile?

No. Due to strict policies of Google / iOS regarding crypto, it is very difficult for us to deploy a standalone app. However, when it will be possible, we will surely do it!

3. Can't you release an APK for it to bypass the policies of Google/iOS?

We can, but we choose not to. APK's are easily corruptible and the security of our player's assets are top priority for us.

4. Is Farming Tales game added to the TACO app?


5. Where can I download the TACO app?

6. Do I need to buy something to use the Farming Tales feature on TACO app?

Yes, you need to purchase Farming Tales Sauce NFT.

7. Where can I buy Farming Tales Sauce NFT?

8. Where can I purchase the required TACO tokens?

9. Does TACO have a discord? If yes what is the link?


1. What are boosters?

Boosters are NFTs which boost the production speed the buildings they are placed in. They as characters.

2. How many boosters can I own?


3. How many boosters can I place in a building?

1 or 2, depending on the building.

4. Do boosters affect my entire farm?

No, they only affect the building they are placed in.

5. Do boosters like "Overall Production" increase the production of the farm?

No, because when Waxchester is released, animals and gardens will produce products, not sest directly and we can't multiply that by 1.5%, 3% or 5% etc. This means that all boosters, will boost the speed of harvesting, not the production output.

6. Are boosters limited supply?

Yes. We won't mint other boosters than those already in circulation.

All future boosters will come from collaborations with other projects.

7. How can I use boosters from other projects?

You need to own that particular NFT from our partnered project. For example, if you have the "Forager" NFT from Moon Stones collection, you can use it in our game aswell.

8. What are the current boosters from partnered projects usable in Farming Tales?
  • Forager (Moon Stones Collection).

  • Farmer (Moon Stones Collection)

"Harvest All" Service

1. What is "Harvest All" service?

"Harvest All" is a service which harvests all your animals and harvestable buildings which are staked on your farm in one click.

2. Does "Harvest All" consume food/water?

Yes, your animals and harvestable buildings consume food and water as they would if you would harvest manually each animal/building.

3. What is the food/water cost for "Harvest All"?

"Harvest All" has a fixed price of 0.042 CBITs per food/water consumed, which means it doesn't take in account what Silo/Water Tower rarity you have staked.

4. Are there any requirements for using "Harvest All"?

Yes, to enable the service you need to have at least one Silo or Water Tower staked of at least rare rarity, otherwise you won't have access to the service.

5. Where can I use "Harvest All"?
  • You go to the mini-tractor and press "E": IMAGE

  • You click on "Harvest All" button: IMAGE


1. Which one is the Game Wallet?

This one: IMAGE

2. Which one is Wax Wallet?

This one: IMAGE

3. In which wallet do I need to have SEST to get CBIT airdrop?

Game Wallet.

4. In which wallet will my CBIT be dropped?

Game Wallet.

5. Is there a fee for depositing SEST from Wax Wallet to Game Wallet?


6. In which wallet do I need to have CBITS to refill and use harvest all?

Game Wallet.

7. How do I deposit SEST in my Game Wallet?
  • You click here: IMAGE

  • You enter the amount here: IMAGE

  • You click "Deposit".

8. How do I withdraw SEST from Game Wallet to Wax Wallet?
  • You click here: IMAGE

  • You enter the amount here: IMAGE

9. How do I deposit/withdraw CBIT?

Same as SEST, you just use the CBIT panel.

Common Questions

1. Will there be other sales for Fishing Pier and Lumberjack?


2. Will Fishing Pier and Lumberjack be craftable?


3. What is the purpose of "Early Adopter Diorama"?

The Diorama is an NFT which gives access to in-game sales. It's purpose may by modified in the future.

4. How many legendary buildings can I use on my farm?
  • 1 Lumberjack.

  • 1 Fishing Pier.

  • Unlimited Hives.

5. When can I stake my Barn?

Once New Waxchester is released, it has no use till then.

Animal Blending

1. Where can I blend animals?

You can blend animals on Nefty Bloks - LINK

2. Where can I purchase the vouchers I need for the recipes?

You can buy the vouchers on Nefty Bloks - LINK

3. Do I pay for the vouchers with Wax, SEST or CBIT?

All Vouchers are purchased with SEST.

4. Are the Vouchers limited?

No, you can buy as many as you want.

5. When blending, is the chance for success 100%?

Yes, additional to that, when you use the Rare Animal recipe, you get 2% chance to get an Epic Animal instead of a Rare Animal.

6. Can I blend buildings?

Not currently, a decision for this has not been made yet.

7. Do I have to unstake my staked animals i currently own to be able to blend them?

No, Nefty will automatically unstake the animals you use in the recipe. You will have to stake manually in the building the animal you get as result from blending in order to harvest it tough.

8. Can I get a different type of animal than the one I used in the recipe?

No, there is no randomness involved. If you blend hens, you can only get a hen as a result. You cannot blend hens and get pigs.