About The Project $SEST

A crypto farm where NFTs represent real products from real farms. The NFTs of this collection represent the tools that, every day, accompany the farmers in their hard work. By putting these tools together it is possible to generate new NFTs that are linked to real goods and products from our farms. Ownership of these NFTs therefore guarantees ownership of these products.

A crypto farm where NFTs represent real products from our real farms.

Holders, more than 50 000 people trust in the project.
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As these are real products, please keep in mind that this road map is subject to changes beyond our control.

[June-July] 2021
✔️Promo Lands sale.
✔️Promo lottery draw.
✔️Honey Season & Honey Lands game.
[August] 2021
✔️Saffron Season & Saffron Lands game.
✔️Soil preparation.
✔️Beginning saffron flower staking.
✔️Beginning of construction of customized hives.
[September] 2021
Hemp Season & Hemp Lands game.
Grow boxes preparation.
Beginning seeds stake.
[October-November] 2021
✔️New web design, updated.
✔️Mobile Harvesting and Mobile Optimization.
Saffron harvest.
Saffron processing.
✔️Moving from Alpha to Beta.
✔️Placing System and Live Harvesting.
✔️Lumberjack Sale.

[December] 2021
✔️Staking for Lumberjack, Beehive, Silo and Water Tower.
✔️Staking SEST and release of CBIT Token.
✔️Release of CBIT Token.
✔️Fishing Pier Release.
Adding 3D animals in the game.
January's big collaborations reveal.
[January] 2022
Adding boosters in the game.
Adding Seasons Cycle.
First test for New Waxchester.
Adding features from community proposals.
[February] 2022
Adding seeds system in the game.
Adding workers in the game.
Adding features from community proposals.
Start of the hives.
[June] Q2 2022
Collection, shipment and sale of honey.
More objectives to add, any contribution is welcome.

NOTE: More information about the team and partners will be revealed later.

If you want to contribute ideas for the growth of the project or want to promote the token, please write to us at the following email 📧 [email protected]